During their first four years of marriage, the Blakeleys have led an idyllic life of love and devotion, passion and romance, and considerable financial success. Their son, Leon, is now three years old and twenty-four-year-old Amalie is restless. Now that she has completed renovations on the rooms in Blakefield Castle as well as its gardens, she feels life in her blue ivory tower lacks purpose and enterprise.

Weary of afternoon callers and idleness, Amalie complains to Leopold, whose moodiness has seemingly disappeared now that he has everything he wants and needs. She is desperate for an occupation that will help her feel useful, not just decorative. But everything is about to change when Leopold’s sister and her partner bring a travel companion from Texas to spend the summer at the castle. Although he is practically engaged to her cousin, Malcolm McFadden makes no attempt to hide his infatuation with the beautiful Amalie. While Amalie revels in the attention, Leopold’s dark side reemerges as their good fortune, passion, and perfect existence is threatened.

Loving Leopold

It is 1897 and nineteen-year-old Parisienne, Amalie Bouchard, must move in with her aunt and uncle following the death of her parents. Although she is heiress to a substantial fortune, she cannot control her funds until she turns twenty-one. With a new century on the horizon, the heiress has no intention of marrying, instead preferring to view herself as a modern woman.

When Amalie arrives in London, she begins renovating her aunt and uncle’s outdated townhouse while her aunt becomes determined to see her niece happily married. At a dinner party ostensibly held to show off the newly renovated townhouse, sparks fly when Amalie meets one of the invited guests. Leopold Blakeley is a handsome, wealthy bachelor who Amalie’s aunt considers to be a perfect match for her niece despite his broody reputation and another female competing for his attention. After their conversation, Amalie is overcome with a whirlwind of emotions as Leopold makes his feelings known. But is London’s most unattainable bachelor charming enough to lure her away from Amalie’s plans for a life of freedom?

In this historical romance, an heiress determined to remain unmarried amid nineteenth century London meets a bachelor who may just change her mind.

Loving Leopold: Amour Toujours

It is 1904 and Leopold and Amalie Blakeley have been happily married for six years. After a brutal winter, they are once again delighted to return to their country retreat. On this occasion, the Blakeleys are bringing along newlyweds, Annabelle March and her husband, Harvey Havemeyer. Malcolm McFadden, still nurturing an undying love for Amalie, is also returning with his new bride, Dolores. When an unexpected visitor arrives from Spain with malicious intent and a woman from Leopold’s past suddenly reappears to spark Amalie’s jealousy and his profound embarrassment, the summer becomes overshadowed by drama and intrigue. As McFadden, Blanche, and Cordelia become involved in the couple’s latest adventures, along with Mr. and Mrs. March and Lady Agatha Pengallon, the ever-dependable Bridgette keeps everything running as smoothly as possible, despite Amalie’s various schemes and revelations. Amid the setting of a changing world and the enduring passion between Leopold and Amalie, many mysteries are discovered and finally resolved. In this exciting conclusion of the Loving Leopold trilogy, the summer of 1904 brings turbulence and unexpected intrigue into the lives of Leopold and Amalie Blakeley.


Bernadette Barrymore should have lived out her happily-ever-after. As the war brings long-lost lovers back to their eager spouses waiting at the train station, her marriage to Lord Anthony Devereux seems to be a distant memory since she has not heard from him in some time. Despite her reservations, she is eager to start the life promised to her. But when she finally spies him at the station, they lock eyes for a moment, and then he turns to greet another, leaving Bernadette shocked and unable to comprehend what transpired to destroy the passion and love she believes they shared. Soon, her hopes are bolstered again when Anthony knocks on her door. After they are reunited, Bernadette quickly learns that their marriage is comprised of more than just the two of them. As sinister forces become determined to destroy their love once and for all, Bernadette must make a decision. Should she fight for Lord Deveraux despite those who seek to tear them apart or does fate have something else in store for the independent, headstrong heiress? In this historical romance, a young woman whose life and marriage has been devastated by war must decide whether to fight for her happily-ever-after despite malicious interference from her husband’s family.


In this Scottish historical romance, love blossoms between the social classes when an educated barrister and a shopkeeper’s daughter are instantly attracted to one another. Is it possible that true love can triumph over an arrogant barrister’s pride and the prejudice of the woman he cannot free from his mind, but he feels is beneath his station in life?

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